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The Cranberry Merchants
The Black Maria

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Epica Records EP0098100 July 15, 2016

  • The Black Maria

  • In The Blood

  • Going Nowhere

  • The Beat

  • Worker & Parasite

Husband & wife team, Steve and Dianne Moore have been making music together for over 25 years.
As composers, musicians, and producers of all of our own material, our music is available for radio, soundtracks, and advertising. With a simplistic approach to composing, but an unconventional take on subject matter, it puts an interesting twist on a good old-fashioned hook.
Residing in the Atlanta area, we’ve gotten airplay on college and album rock radio under the band name Halcyon AD. As The Cranberry Merchants, we now bring a fresh spin on our compositions to a new audience.


Follow our crazy adventures during our rockstar lives! Stay with us and enjoy the crazy life of the band with your friends, share our pictures and become part of the crew!




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Making the video


In 1893, Thomas A. Edison set up the world’s first movie studio at his laboratory complex in West Orange, NJ in a makeshift, tar paper covered building nicknamed “The Black Maria” for its resemblance to the police wagons of the day. The earliest motion pictures on the new film medium via his newly invented kinetograph were shot inside of this building, with talent ranging from vaudeville acts to boxing cats. This song celebrates the history of The Black Maria and the first eclectic mix of movie stars to take the stage. Song available on iTunes, Amazon, and many streaming services.

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