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Since 2014 West Star has been promoting indie bands and performers from around the world no matter how big or small.West Star is also a place for the beginner looking to perform on a global stage. We currently have perfomers from the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands and Africa

West Star Network has 3 radio stations to give maximum expereince also to be used as back up should one not work while steaming To listen choose one of the options above and click play on your device

On - Demand

West Star Club

Electronic Fusion

The Stuthmate Show

Skoota Show

Electric Dreams

The Hain Show

Kross Well

Trevor Cook

DJ Steil

Latest Events

Our Team

Darren Hain

DJ and owner of Fever FM Radio

Steve Steil O'Neil

presenter of the west star Network

Scott "Skoota" Reilly

Presenter and Director

Trevor Cook

Presenter Á director

Stuart Russell

Creator and owner


Partner and Co - Owner

DJ Struthmate

Partner and Co - Owner

Steve Fitzgerald

Owner of Club Sparta FM and director to West star

West Star Radio Time Schedules

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West Star Music Promotions,64 Waverley Crescent, Romsley, UK

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West star Partners


partnering West Star for 5 years

Bargain Pete

Supplying equiptment to West starNetwork

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