Romstock Radio is the offical support radio station for Romstock music festival held in Romsley. From live stream to recorded performances relive them moments of Romstock 2019
Romstock Radio line up
12:00pm Jam Drc
12:30pm Dave Onions
1:30pm Bhangra Smash Up
2:30pm UncleIansAudioCircus
3:30pm Strictly Abba
4:00pm Vasiline
5:00pm Heart of Glass – Best of Blondie
6:00pm Paul Shakespeare as Elvis
6:30pm Rattlesnake Jake
8:00pm SuperNova
Romstock Radio Player: Contains a full schedule, a chat room and a player for you to listen to and enjoy the event from where ever you are.
Why Romstock: West Star Network is based in Romsley where the event is held and we are looking to establish a presence here so we can stream further events promoting bands and their music. Also we would like to be part of the community allowing people to see how an internet radio station is run and how easy it is to set it up and get involved. So If you are at the event and would like to have a go then why not come and see us we would be happy to show how it all works.
Romstock music festival is organised by the Romsley Parish Council

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