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About West Star Network

Since 2014 West Star has been promoting indie bands Artists and performers from around the world. Our aim is to be a solid promoter of indie music and offer you the chance to have your own material played via radio or TV. We can even offer to build your very own website for your band.

West Star Network consists of 3 internet radio stations West star Radio, Club Sparta FM and Fever FM Radio all with very talented presenters who are more than happy to entertain you. We now have included our very own Music TV Channel which is dedicated to the indie band circuit.f you would like to add any material to our network then please feel free to contact us via facebook, Twitter or email

West Star Network On - Demand

West Star Network has a number of presenters from overseas played oover the 3 internet radio stations so we developed the on demand section to allow listeners to catch up on there favourite presneter or relive the expereince of their shows

West Star Club

Electronic Fusion

The Stuthmate Show

Skoota Show

Electric Dreams

The Hain Show

Kross Well

Trevor Cook

DJ Steil

DJ JD Space Jams Radio


West Star Music Promotions

West Star Music Promotions is the creators behind West Star Network who also offers web hosting and further promotion for your band. If you would like to have a website made for you then please register below to find out more infomation of go directly to the website WSMPROMOTIONS.COM

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Start your own station

Get started today and build your radio station here Join The network or go out alone. We have everything to get you started from domains, web hosting and shoutcast servers.We don't supply the ppl Licence you would need toget that yourself

Our Team

Darren Hain

DJ and owner of Fever FM Radio

Jack Dyson

DJ and Promotor of West star Network

Steve Steil O'Neil

presenter of the west star Network

Scott "Skoota" Reilly

Presenter and Director

Trevor Cook

Presenter Á director

Stuart Russell

Creator and owner


Partner and Co - Owner

DJ Struthmate

Partner and Co - Owner

Steve Fitzgerald

Owner of Club Sparta FM and director to West star

West Star Radio Time Schedules

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West star Partners

partnering West Star for 5 years

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Bargain Pete

Supplying equiptment to West starNetwork

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London, UK

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